We've come a long way...

The club was formed in 1936 under the name of West’s. The club went into recess from 1942-1945. Press and West’s affiliated in 1946. Their first home ground was Langley Park. In 1955 the club was renamed West Perth and was relocated to Leederville Oval.

Later, in 1972 due to pressures from the sports at Leederville Oval, and the growth of the outer suburbs of Perth, the club again relocated to it's present site at Millington Reserve and in 1976 the current name West Stirling was introduced. In 1978 the club took the progressive step of introducing sub-district clubs to its district. Balcatta, Carine and Innaloo became recognised as clubs by Baseball WA in the West Stirling district. Further growth took place in Oct 1987 when the club's new diamond Kevan Langdon Field was opened and named in honour of the club's longest serving president. In 1988/89 the Scoreboard, Dugouts and dirt home plate cutout were added. In 1993 dirt base cut outs were put in and in 1999 the dirt pitchers mound and wire enclosing the dugouts, completed the field.

 In 1995 with the passing of Kevan Langdon the club took steps with the City of Stirling to have the field officially named Kevan Langdon Reserve.



RESERVE 1                           1981/82

RESERVE 1                           1982/83

C GRADE                               1983/84

UNDER 17S                            1985/86

RESERVE 2                           1986/87

UNDER 17S                            1986/87

UNDER 15S                            1986/87

STATE LEAGUE                     1989/90

UNDER 19                              1994/95

SINGLE A                              1995/96

AAA GRADE                          1996/97

UNDER 17 DIV 1                    1996/97

UNDER 14 DIV 2                    1999/00

UNDER 12 PEE WEE              2000/01 CHAMPIONSHIPS (Development team)

UNDER 18 DIV 1                     2002/03

UNDER 16 DIV 3                     2003/04

UNDER 12 PEE WEE              2003/04  CHAMPIONSHIPS

UNDER 14 DIV 1                    2004/05

UNDER 14 DIV 3                    2004/05

UNDER 14 DIV 2                    2006/07